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Why we made our Recipe Book

After we started producing meals for the NHS to help the front liners, we though why don't we also offer them delicious treats to accompany these meals.   This is where the story  begins with our wonderful local bakers.

After an amazing response from our ‘call to action’ posts on social media we built, almost overnight,  a wonderful team of nearly 70 bakers.   

They enthusiastically baked the most amazing sweet and savoury treats to accompany our NHS meals which were then sent to the frontline NHS workers, the local key workers, District Nurses, Doctors, chemists and our local vulnerable community. 

As well as our wonderful team of bakers along came the ‘Road Cake Angels’ who volunteered to collect the cakes and deliver them to our door.  A total collaborative effort.

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Our Story

Cooking for the NHS

Cooking for the NHS

After the Government announced Lockdown in March the Catering industry went into freefall and the Food industry was in chaos with groceries becoming a higher commodity than Gold.  Our Events Board at Lavender went from a very healthy Green to a distressing Red or Cancelled and we faced a difficult future.  With our industrial fridges and freezers full of food and our shelves full of ambient products we felt it only appropriate to do what we do best and that was to turn our energy and resources to cooking for whoever needed feeding.

We started providing proper homemade hearty cooked meals for vulnerable people in our local community, and then we were contacted by the NHS.  They asked for help to feed the hungry frontliners and provide meals for them to enjoy on or after their shifts.   We went from a few meals a day to just over 1500 a week during the peak times of the Covid effect.

NHS Nurses

All profits to Royal Surrey Hospital Charity's Closer to Care Fundraising Appeal

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The specialist unit will transform care for premature and sick babies and bring parents closer to their care. 

All profits are being donated to the Royal Surrey Hospital Charity's Closer to Care fundraising appeal to re-create the  special care baby unit at the hospital.

All of the profits from our ‘Baking for the NHS’ Cookery book are donated to the Royal Surrey Hospital Charity's Closer to Care Fundraising Appeal.
We want to help newborn babies get the very best start in life and for their parents to be able to be by their sides every step of the way.  
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